Hey Everyone,

I believe being honest is just overall good karma and is inline with the universe so I created this disclaimer page so that everything is put out in the open.

This page and course is designed to make you money, a lot of money…and I wholeheartedly believe that YOU can achieve the big paycheck we are all looking for. The honest truth is that, most of you will not. Affiliate Marketing, is not an easy business and requires massive amounts of hard work. Most of the hard work comes at the beginning when you are making no money at all. Most people get frustrated with this and quit, never seeing the fruits of their labor.

If you follow the advice given here and work your butt off, you are going to make money. The key is to not get frustrated and keep at it all all costs.

I relate it to fitness training. Most people that start back in the gym on a fitness plan start out “guns a blazing”. After a few weeks of killing themselves and they aren’t seeing any visible improvement, they get burnt out and give up. This is what happens to most people in internet marketing. If you truly want to work from home and create an online empire, simply refuse to be one of those people. Stay at it, work hard, and don’t give up…at all costs.

Just to state the obvious, I am an affiliate marketer so the links I have listed I will most likely make a commission on. However, please know that these products I am suggesting I actually use and I couldn’t get by without them. If you aren’t comfortable with using my affiliate links, don’t use them (it’s just karma).

I hope that I have made my point that you run an online affiliate business and still maintain your honesty and integrity. I will show you exactly how to follow this business plan in the videos provided below (just fill in your information).

I really appreciate your time,

Jonathan Chambers: Affiliate Marketing Specialist

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