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To: Everyone who wants to work at home making $100K income but not sure where to start.
From: Jonathan Chambers, former work from home dummy, and now a $100K income earning specialist.
Subject: To provide a step by step coaching method to lead a total newbie into working from home making 6-figure income.

Hey Everyone,

I want to personally thank you for taking a look at my website. This website,  may look basic and simple but it is actually the first step you will take at making $100K per year annual income working from home

If you landed on this website then you obviously must have an interest in working at home. Maybe you…work from home for dummies

  • Are tired of an hour commute both ways to your office
  • Possibly a micro-manager boss
  • Want to be able to spend more time with your kids at home
  • You just want a way to start generating passive income…

Does any of this sound familiar???

Well I can tell you that those were a few of the main reasons that led me to this awesome system that has proved to be the answer I was looking for. So what’s my story? Why should any of you take my advice? Let me see if I can answer a few of those questions for you because I can tell you that those are the same questions I would be asking myself.

So before we get into a work from home for dummies method generating tons of cash, I’m going to give you my personal story and what led me to the free methods that I’m offering.

Okay, so if you care less about my story, then scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information and I will send you over 10 hours of the step by step training videos that are “the real deal Holyfield”.

How Did I Stumble Upon This Insanely Rad Work From Home For Dummies Method?

I had an MBA and a CPA and was making big-time money in “Corporate America”. This was great except for the fact that all I did my entire life was work for something that I didn’t believe in and honestly had no interest in. Seriously… Working 80 hours a week on something that is not interesting is like a cruel form of punishment.

Finally I reached my breaking point and I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided I had to get out of my job and pursue a career where I was my own boss and I wasn’t spending my entire life in an office with no windows…away from family…friends…and sunlight LOL. So what did I do? I quit my job with nothing to fall back on.

I put myself in a situation where there was no other option but to start my own company and to make a full time living working at home. This was a big risk, but a risk I’m so thankful that I had the guts to take.

I started studying internet marketing and I became fascinated. Seriously, I found the stuff super interesting and I bought every training program and method that was out there. I spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out ways to make money online. It seemed like every program I bought promised full time income and none of them could deliver.

Just when I almost had given up, I found this method…and interestingly enough…IT WAS FREE!

Work From Home For Dummies – FREE Step by Step $100K Income Training Videos

This system is free, but it does come with a price…that price is hard work. I am incredibly enthusiastic about helping others which is why I have decided to give away all my secrets for free, but just let me say that if you don’t work hard, don’t expect to achieve a $100K income. If you bust your butt like I did, it’s seriously possible to be making $8 grand per month after 6 months time frame.

Don’t believe me? Sign up for the work from home videos below and give a the good ole’ college try.

These videos will show you secrets like…

  • How To Build An Online Business Generating Income Within 24 Hours
  • How to setup and build a website, even if you are a total newbie.
  • How to achieve Google rankings that will blow the competition away.
  • How to outsource your staff so that you can concentrate on managing your business and keeping away from repetitive boring tasks
  • How to perform keyword research and competition analysis so that it’s literally impossible for you not to make money.
  • A PROVEN gameplan to have you making $2K per month right out of the gate

How awesome does that sound? Over 10 hours of work at home for dummies training videos COMPLETELY FREE…Just sign up below, and start working your way towards 6-figure income TODAY!

Your “100K Work At Home” Coach,


PS: To be in compliance with the FTC. I can’t promise you that you will make $100K income. Obviously, I can’t foresee the future or how hard you will work and apply the techniques. But I can promise that this system works insanely well.

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