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To: Everyone looking for an opportunity to work from home and make $100K income
From: Jonathan Chambers, work from home specialist, specializing in affiliate marketing.
Subject: Work From Home Opportunities Coaching Program

Hey Guys,

Welcome to my new work from home coaching website,

If you are stopping by my website looking for legitimate work from home opportunities, then you are going to want to check out what I have to offer because I have a free step by step affiliate marketing coaching program that is guaranteed to make you a minimum of $2K per month.

This opportunity is not something you want to miss, I AM ONLY OFFERING THESE VIDEOS FOR FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME… so make sure you fill in your emailwork from home opportunities and name to get access to over 10 hours of affiliate marketing coaching.

If you are searching the web for an opportunity to work from home, you are probably tired of working in an office and want to get all the awesome benefits of working from home. I am here to tell you, YES working at home full time being your own boss IS all it is cracked up to be.

When you are your own boss working from home you will experience benefits like…

  • Sleeping an extra hour everyday because traffic doesn’t exist anymore 🙂
  • More time to spend with your family and kids
  • Flexibility to travel on a moment’s notice because you can work anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet
  • A way to generate passive income…aka…making money while you are sitting at the pool.

Does it sound to good to be true? Well it almost is…this system requires a lot of hard work. If you are willing to put the time in, you WILL generate thousands of dollars per month….on autopilot.

Before we get into the free training videos, let me fill you in on my background and what led me here as your “work from home coach”. If you aren’t interested in my story just enter your name and email in the box at the bottom for your free videos (be sure to like us on Facebook as as well)

What Led Me To Offering Work From Home Opportunities For Free?

I spent 10 years in the corporate world. During these ten years I became a certified public accountant and achieved my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I spent time at big four accounting firms, global consulting companies, and small software start up firms. Each year I got promoted and earned more money…this also meant that each year I spent more and more time at the office.

Sure I was earning $100K per year, but I was also a slave to my office, working 70-80 hour weeks. I had no time for any life outside of work. I knew I wanted to work from home, but I had no idea how.

work from home business plan

Until finally I reached my breaking point. I couldn’t take the hours anymore and I had to get out of my job and sitting in an office all day and getting FAT…LOL.

I quit my six figure income job with nothing to fall back on. My only plan was to be able to work from home and to be my own boss.

I looked at every working from home opportunity that I could find, and I spent over $10,000 on coaching programs teaching me how to work from home.

Just when I was ready to give up, I started getting success from a small product website that I built. I knew if I could make money from a small website like this, I could simply build more and eventually make a full time income.

Before I knew it, I was working at home full time and never looking back.

The method I used to generate $100K income online I am going to offer to you for free right now.

Work From Home Opportunities Using Affiliate Marketing – $2K minimum per month FOR FREE

This system works and is totally free, but it does require you to take action immediately and start working your butt off to make money. If you follow the advice in these videos step by step and don’t give up, you will make $2K per month on autopilot.

These videos show step by step secrets like…

  • How to build a website selling products even if you are a total newbie.
  • How to optimize your website to generate free traffic from the search engines.
  • How to perform keyword research like a PRO…even if you don’t even know what keyword research is.
  • Videos that are easy for the non-techie beginner to follow.

For access to these videos just make sure you complete these 3 steps…

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  • Take action and work hard

Your dedicated work from home opportunities coach,


PS: Obviously I can’t promise that everyone will make $100K income or $2k per month because I have no idea how hard you will actually work. So to avoid someone going to the BBB, all I can promise is that if you follow these videos step by step and keep trying and not give up, you will reach $100K income.

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