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$7.99 .Coms - Why Pay More? Go Daddy – Every domain I own is with Go Daddy, and there’s a lot of them. I wouldn’t put that kind of trust into a company unless I had faith in the product and the service they deliver, not to mention they are the biggest and baddest domain company out there. The company has come a long way, and their services are so basic and easy to use. Their customer support is also top notch. If you want cheap domain prices with quality service, this is the company…

Web Hosting

Hostgator – Having good hosting can make or break your online business. I’ve used Hostgator’s hosting for about 4 years now and they are the best in business. I have never had any issues with them or problems with my hosting service. I had an issue with WordPress for one of my websites and I called Hostgator to see if they could help and they actually solved my WordPress issue….that’s what I call above and beyond customer service. You can also follow through the exercises easily with the training video’s provided through Hostgator’s cPanel.

WordPress ThemeOptimize Press

Optimize Press – This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. This template converts so well, and I literally built a six figure income online using this template. The $97 that this costs will be an investment compared to how well this thing coverts and the amount of sales you can make using this theme.

Of all of the tools listed on this page, Optimize Press is probably the only tool that I would say is required.  Work From Home Zone was built using this WordPress theme and all I have to say is this thing is like having your own ATM machine.

Email ManagementAweber

Aweber – If you want to make real money online, I’m talking money you can feed your family on…you need to have an email list. Aweber is the biggest and baddest email management company on the market. This service is super easy to use and luckily the video training provided also uses Aweber.

Their customer service is top notch and I have never had an issue with spam or a scheduled email not delivering. It’s so easy to use it doesn’t even make sense to try another company.

Advanced Opt-InsPop Up Domination

Pop Up Domination – This awesome tool will help increase your opt-ins…through the roof. Once I installed this tool my email list grew significantly.  It’s easy to install and simple to use.

Building an email list is easily the most important aspect to growing your online empire. POP UP DOMINATION is the easiest and most effective way to build that list. This is the most important step in growing and email list and in turn building your online business, this tool delivers…

Keyword ResearchMicro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder – Keyword research is a very important step in setting up your online business. Without choosing the right keywords, you can end up fighting an uphill battle from start. Micro Niche Finder makes that step easy and almost fail proof. It has a strength of competition metric that will simply give you a green button for low competition search terms….it doesn’t get any easier than that. This simple function helps to save time and to prevent against high competition keywords where you are destined to fail. The SOC is simply a higher number and in orange or red when the competition is high.

We can get into specifics later, but that is literally how automated and easy to use this keyword tool is. The time it will save you is alone with the price of the purchase.

Link BuildingArticle Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot – I normally don’t like to use any automated software when I’m building backlinks, but this software helps me build tons of article backlinks within a click of a button. It’s super easy to use and this method of building backlinks works like no other method i have ever used. It saves so much time increasing your domain’s rank you really can’t afford NOT to use it.

Article Spinning For Link Buildingthe best spinner

The Best Spinner -Article Marketing Robot does need to be used with spun articles, and for that I recommend the best spinner. You simply spin your articles, titles, descriptions, resource boxes and submit them to Article Marketing Robot. If you are going to use article marketing or web 2.0 strategies to build back links, this tool alone will help automate that process for you.

Most of links are my affiliate links and if you purchase their services I will likely receive a commission. Just know that I fully stand by and use each and everyone of these products in my online business. The products are the tools that have built my online business for me and I want them to work for you too. Your purchases are what allows me to put all of this free content out there for you and I truly appreciate it.

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